‘We’re still discovering how to use them’: Drones and the $145 billion market opportunity

Oren Elkayam, Mobilicom’s chief, believes the industry has matured.

“In the recent three to four years, the industry has been busy developing technologies that would overcome the barriers that enable the deployment of drones,” he told Stockhead.

“Regulatory bodies now have enough confidence in deploying drones, that we will see it start to pay off for companies like ours which operate in the drone space.”

“Mobilicom is positioned very well,” Duriska says. “They have a vast range of hardware products and they can get a big portion of the drone pie because of that.”

Duriska says discussions with drone manufacturers have revealed that the small cap company is held in high regard.

It is working with some big names, such as airline making giant Airbus and Chinese aircraft manufacturer Yuneec, which sells more than one million units annually and is part owned by tech behemoth Intel.

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