Mobilicom wins Space Florida drone research project in USA

  • Mobilicom & US drone company Censys Technologies have partnered on research to improve beyond line-of-sight drone operations and drone safety 
  • This two-year project is being funded by Space Florida and the Israel Innovation Authority 
  • Mobilicom’s first year budget is A$770,000 
  • The proposed solution is to target civilian drone and UAS operations in three areas, delivery, inspection security and law enforcement 

22 June 2020 – Mobilicom Limited (Mobilicom, ASX: MOB) is pleased to announce it will partner with US drone company Censys Technologies (“Censys”) in a research project for Space Florida USA, that will see it develop a solution for the key need of drone safety.

The joint Mobilicom and Censys project was one of four winners (from 15 proposals) for Space Florida’s 2020 innovative research and development programs. Mobilicom will spend two years working on the project, with a budget of A$770,000 for the first year (2020-21). Additional funds are expected in the second year.

This project is to develop a communications system for autonomous drone and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) that aims to address the challenges aviation authorities expect for safe drone and UAV operation in civilian airspace. It will target activities such as drone delivery services, infrastructure inspection, security and law enforcement.

Mobilicom CEO Oren Elkayam said: “The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the need for fast delivery, without human involvement in the delivery. This has led to accelerated testing and deployment programs for the use of drones in several fields.

“The solution being developed with Censys is solving a major reliability aspect, which is a focus of the US Federal Aviation Authority. It will enable the drone and UAS market to continue to grow by addressing the key needs and trends of autonomous beyond line-of-sight operation.”

Mr Elkayam said the solution would be embedded in Censys drones and perform flight tests in the USA. It aims to improve the safety of beyond visual line of sight, or BVLoS operations.

“The biggest hurdle for mass drone deployment in civil applications remains regulatory requirements imposed by aviation authorities and this solution is another step to solving these issues,” he said.

Mobilicom expects the development of this solution will see Censys, purchase the technology for use within its civil drone operations. There is further potential for uptake by other drone operators and manufacturers.

Censys is a beyond line-of-sight drone company based in Daytona Beach, Florida, which has operational expertise in long range and high endurance aircraft systems with advanced payloads and capabilities, and provides knowledge and resources in system integration and real-world testing.

Mobilicom and Censys have previously worked together to integrate Mobilicom’s equipment into Censys drones as a communications cornerstone to ‘make impossible critical communications possible’.

About the solution Autonomous Platforms Dual Datalink (APDL) communication system is developing a dual-redundant communications system for Autonomous Drone & Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The solution is proposing a two concurrent wideband transmitting transceivers, with auto redundancy capability and on
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going data-reception analysis for selecting the best momentary communication link. It is a novel construction of advanced technologies that will enable a highly integrated dual-redundant simultaneous communications system to provide increased reliability and quality of service for command and control systems, telemetry, and situational awareness.

About Space Florida Space Florida was created to strengthen Florida’s position as the global leader in aerospace research, it is committed to attracting and expanding the next generation of space industry businesses. Space Florida has a highly trained workforce, proven infrastructure and unparalleled record of achievement.

About Censys Censys Technologies Corporation design, develop and manufacture a wide range of drones and autonomous UAS vehicles. Censys develops remote sensing solutions for UAS service providers and government organizations. Censys solutions propels industrial drone users by minimizing overhead & operation headaches with industry-leading, long-range drones. As experts in this field, Censys support its customers obtaining the necessary waivers of drone operation from USA Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).