Mobilicom wins account with US ground robotics company

  • Mobilicom delivers an initial purchase order exceeding $200,000 with additional commercial sales expected throughout 2019
  • US-based robotics company has chosen Mobilicom’s MCU 30 Lite with its new technology which employs Mobile MESH Network Solutions and relay capabilities to be integrated into its visionary robotics solution
  • Expands Mobilicom’s penetration of the US market and global footprint

Mobilicom Limited is pleased to announce that it has secured an account with a US ground robotics company, with the delivery of an initial purchase order exceeding $200,000.

Mobilicom’s innovative MCU-30 Lite technology has been selected for integration into the company’s innovative robotics solution. Mobilicom’s solution offers MCU 30 Lite with its new Mobile MESH Network solution and relay capabilities that the customer will use for underground and in-building operations. Mobilicom has delivered numerous MCU-30 Lite systems and it is anticipated that additional sale orders will be received throughout 2019.

The new customer is a unique designer within the robotics industry, with its solutions designed for a variety of industries including homeland security, mining, oil and gas, aerospace, maritime, petrochemical, public safety and construction. The company has been developing robotics for over 25 years which can perform highly complex tasks in areas where human safety is at risk. Due to the customer’s internal protocols, as well as the nature of the operations performed in given applications, Mobilicom is unable to disclose the identity of the company due to its US government activity operations.

The multifunctional MCU-30 Lite unit combines 4G with Mobile MESH technologies, to produce an IP communications unit that delivers ad-hoc direct wireless mobile communication including HD video, data and VoIP without the need for any infrastructure.

Mobilicom’s CEO Oren Elkayam commented:

“The purchase of Mobilicom’s MCU-30 Lite units by a unique and innovative robotics industry player highlights the broad capabilities and growing interest in Mobilicom’s cutting-edge technology. Not only is the purchase order a vote of confidence in Mobilicom’s technology but it significantly expands Mobilicom’s international reach. We expect to increase commercial production of our MCU-30 Lite unit as the company serves significant new and expanded markets.