Mobilicom selected to join 5G Consortium to influence international 5G cellular standards

  • Places Mobilicom at the forefront of 5G Device-to-Device connectivity, incorporating its Mobile MESH technology into the research
  • Mobilicom’s project scope over the next year is valued at $650,000

15 November 2017 – Mobilicom Limited has been selected to be part of the Heron 5G Consortium after the consortium received approval to continue its research into the 5G cellular technology standard for a second year.

Heron is an international research consortium consisting of eleven companies and six research institutions including Elbit Systems, Israel Aerospace Industries, Corning, RunEl, Telrad and Partner (Orange), each with their own specialised area of focus.

The purpose of the 5G consortium is to conduct research on 5G cellular technology, which will place the members within it at the forefront of its development. 5G is expected to have an extremely positive impact on wireless technology, providing the ability to connect billions of mobile devices for a massive IoT (Internet of Things) as well as support much higher throughputs (1Gbps). The 5G consortium is taking part in defining the technology, optimising solutions, and ultimately influencing the international 5G cellular standard.

Within the scope of the overall research study, Mobilicom is specialising in Device-to-Device technology, which incorporates its Mobile MESH technology into the 5G cellular standard. Mobilicom has received a government grant from the Israel Innovation Authority for its project, the scope of which is valued at $650,000 for the next year.

The Heron 5G Consortium is set to run for three to five years, with the collaboration between the various organisations working toward a fully functional demo of their solution.

Trials are planned to begin in 2018-2019 for the 5G next generation of cellular technology. This technology is focused on the following three pillars:

  • Capacity enhancement for mobile broadband
  • Ultra-high reliability & low latency
  • Massive IoT connectivity

“While 4G technology was faced with competition, 5G is a unified solution. It is an enormous standard that will define all systems,” said Mobilicom’s VP of R&D, Yossi Segal. “It is Mobilicom’s aim to be at the forefront of Device-to-Device connectivity, incorporating its Mobile MESH technology within the realm of 5G cellular technology.”


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