Mobilicom secures new $400K contract from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

Key points
• Mobilicom is to supply two smart solution components for use in IAI’s new tactical drone system
• The initial purchase order is a design win to fulfil IAI’s first customer deployment and guarantees use of Mobilicom’s smart solutions within IAI’s drone system, demonstrating the effectiveness of Mobilicom’s end-to-end strategy
• IAI is a leading aerospace and aviation manufacturer that also produces state-of-the-art drones for defence and commercial markets globally with yearly revenues of more than US$4 billion
27 September 2021 – Mobilicom Limited (Mobilicom or the Company, ASX: MOB) has secured a design win and initial $400,000 purchase order from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for two smart solution components for use in a new tactical drone system.
Under the contract, Mobilicom will supply its SkyHopper PRO dual datalink units and 10” Touch mobile ground station controller for use in IAI’s innovative new Aerial Vehicle tactical drone system. Mobilicom’s smart solutions will be embedded within both IAI’s drone and ground control station to enable drone control, data telemetry and real-time high-definition video.
IAI is a leading aerospace and aviation manufacturer with a product portfolio that includes state-of-the art drone solutions for defence and commercial markets in several countries. It has already secured first orders from its global customer base of its new lightweight Aerial Vehicle, which is designed to be quickly assembled and operated by a single person. As a design win, future orders and deployments of IAI’s tactical drone system will directly result in additional orders of Mobilicom’s smart solution components.
Delivery of Mobilicom’s smart solution units to fulfil the initial purchase order is expected to be completed within Q3 2021.
Mobilicom CEO Oren Elkayam said, “The initial purchase order represents only the first deployment of IAI’s new tactical drone system to an international customer, with the potential to scale significantly as additional orders are received. This design win – the second step in our go-to-market strategy – ensures integration of our smart solution components into IAI’s tactical drone platform on an ongoing basis. As IAI promotes its new tactical drone system to its global customer base, we expect orders and licencing revenue from this contract will increase significantly.
“Designed to engage with moving targets in urban and complex environments, the provision of Mobilicom’s real-time high-definition video is critical to mission success for IAI’s new tactical drone. The ability to incorporate our industry-leading cybersecurity software is a key competitive advantage, particularly within defence applications.
“As the industry’s leading end-to-end provider of smart solutions and cybersecurity for drones, robotics and autonomous platforms, this design win reflects the success of our end-to-end strategy, whereby Mobilicom is able to offer additional smart solution components to improve the effectiveness of drone operations and increase stickiness with customers over the long-term.”