Mobilicom secures first 2018 design win with French drone manufacturer Aeraccess

  • SkyHopper PRO fully integrated across all Aeraccess’ Hawker Q800X drone platforms
  • Mobilicom’s MCU-30 communication solution also being integrated across all Hawker Q800X drone platforms
  • Exposes SkyHopper to significant global sales potential, contracts in place with UK, India and African special forces

SkyHopper by Mobilicom is pleased to announce it has secured a new design win with leading French global drone manufacturer Aeraccess.

The new design win will see SkyHopper PRO integrated into Aeraccess’ drone Hawker Q800X platforms. Hawker Q800X is intended for security, police and firefighting operations, with contracts already in place with the UK, Indian & African special forces.

Simultaneously, Aeraccess has integrated Mobilicom’s MCU-30 advanced communication solution with the Q800X platforms, bringing additional sales potential to the MCU product family.

This marks Mobilicom’s first design win for SkyHopper in 2018, with seven design wins now secured out of the eight forecast through Q2 2018, positioning the Company for important market share in the growing commercial and industrial drone sector.

Aeraccess develops drones, innovative Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) and fixed-wing UAV platforms and systems for a variety of surveillance, inspection and industrial applications, with a focus on Europe, Asia and Africa.

Mobilicom CEO Oren Elkayam commented: “Aeraccess is a good example of a customer who utilises Mobilicom’s wide range of products for its different drone platforms and uses, starting from MCU-30, through to the SkyHopper PRO and SkyHopper One.”