Mobilicom secures design win with UAV subsidiary of multinational security & surveillance company

Mobilicom Ltd, developer of 4G Mobile MESH private networking technology, has secured a design win with iSTAR UAV, the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) subsidiary of Avnon Group, for integration of SkyHopper PRO into iSTAR’s new drone systems.

Avnon Group owns TAR Ideal Concepts, a leading international security and surveillance company. TAR is one of the top suppliers of security and surveillance equipment, working with enterprises, contractors and foreign governments in more than 50 countries. TAR represents more than 30 international companies and has strategic alliances with some of the world’s leading security and surveillance suppliers, garnering broad market reach internationally.

iSTAR is forecasting sales of 1000-2000 of its UAV drone systems over the coming years. With integration of the SkyHopper PRO communication system into each drone system and based on iSTAR’s sales forecasts, this can be translated into revenue for Mobilicom from 2018 of up to

The new integrated drone system from iSTAR uses a proprietary detection mechanism for surveillance operations, making it applicable for the booming security market. iSTAR’s drone systems can serve additional applications such as disaster relief, first responder and public safety operations.
By integrating the features of SkyHopper the drone system’s ability to undertake security operations is further strengthened. SkyHopper PRO is equipped with Mobilicom’s proprietary encryption mechanism, with its security capabilities commended and approved by the Israel Defense Forces. Furthermore, SkyHopper PRO offers an extended range of operation, and superior non-line-of-sight operation.

The SkyHopper portfolio is expanding and will soon offer the SkyHopper VU, a remote video terminal (RVT), where security personnel can receive data and video directly to their person. Currently, each drone system employs three SkyHopper data links, and the addition of RVT is expected to increase market appeal.

Mobilicom CEO Oren Elkayam stated: “Our partnership with iSTAR UAV and TAR enables us to obtain a foothold in the security drone system market and lock in market share. The SkyHopper solution is not only relevant to current security and surveillance techniques, but also will enable iSTAR to offer autonomous operation and cloud-based data processing, two advancements expected to soon come to fruition for security drone applications1.”

iSTAR CEO Nir Itzhaky commented: “We have an incredible opportunity in the growing drone system security segment, a sector expected to grow exponentially in the near term.
“As a result, we see that a long-term collaboration with Mobilicom will help us to continuously tailor our offering to the changing needs of this market.”


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