Mobilicom releases SkyHopper ONE data link, targeting the high-end DIY drone market segment

Mobilicom Ltd, developer of 4G Mobile MESH private networking technology, has released the SkyHopper ONE, a UAV data link targeting the high-end DIY drone market segment.

The product is the second to be released from the SkyHopper family of products and is available via Amazon and Ebay in selected countries, as well as on the SkyHopper website.

Like the SkyHopper PRO launched in May 2017, SkyHopper ONE also leverages Mobilicom’s proven technology and success in the government and enterprise sector, but offers a cost-effective solution for the high-end DIY market segment. This higher volume segment, expected to reach $1.5 billion by 20241, serves as an outstanding new revenue opportunity for Mobilicom.

“Providing a lower-priced product tailored to this market segment will provide us with additional sales opportunities, in addition to growing what we expect to be a diverse portfolio of products targeting a broad range of drone applications,” said Mobilicom’s Managing Director, Oren Elkayam.

SkyHopper ONE aims to enhance the drone operations of DIY drone enthusiasts, offering control, telemetry and payload in a single RF channel. This decreases costs and weight for the user, as the need to purchase separate radios becomes unnecessary. SkyHopper ONE also offers superior non-line-of-sight capabilities, enables real-time full HD video streaming and offers a secured and encrypted connection.

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