Mobilicom releases MC-Network Management Application (MC-NMA)

  • Launches a new software product for Mobile Mesh network management
  • Increases revenue potential by offering software management app for existing customers
  • Higher customer retention with yearly software licenses renewal
  • Adds a new target audience within organisations

Mobilicom Limited, developer of 4G Mobile MESH private networking technology, has released its MC-Network Management Application (MC-NMA) software tool for mission and network managers. The MC-NMA is an add-on to Mobilicom’s Communications Unit (MCU) products and enables its 4G Mobile MESH network management.

By offering a new software management app, MC-NMA addresses a new value for existing customers, increasing Mobilicom’s sales and revenue potential. The Mobilicom team has already validated the MC-NMA with selected customers, establishing a high market traction.

By supplying software licenses under a yearly renewal, Mobilicom also expects higher customer retention.

The ability to reach mission and network managers with this product opens a new target audience for Mobilicom.

“Providing a new network perception increases our market potential with Mobilicom’s MCU products,” said Mobilicom’s CEO Oren Elkayam. “We are thrilled to extend our offering with a new software solution beyond the MCU hardware solutions.”