Mobilicom releases enhanced security package for oil & gas giant

Designed especially for requirements of high profile oil & gas customer Combats internal & external cyber hacking threats

Further improves Mobilicom’s offering versus competing technologies Opportunity for deployment in hundreds of offshore sites

16 May 2017 – Mobilicom Limited, an Israeli-based developer of bound-free mobile private network technology, has released security enhancements designed to meet the specific requirements of a major customer in the oil and gas sector that has adopted Mobilicom’s offering.

The security enhancements will enable the expansion of Mobilicom’s solution within existing and into additional sites controlled by the oil and gas giant.

The new security package increases the level of protection against hacking threats from both within and outside the network, while also providing IT managers another layer of security for system access. Importantly the security and encryption of Mobilicom’s technology makes it highly immune to cracking tools widely available over the web. Such tools have proven to be highly effective against alternative, standard wireless solutions such as WiFi-mesh. This therefore positions Mobilicom as a solution of choice for future enterprise and government organisations.

Using Mobilicom’s core technology, merging 4G with mobile-mesh networking, employees at offshore oil and gas sites can communicate and share high-definition video, VoIP and broadband data. The Mobilicom offering can be provided at less than 20% of the capital cost, and zero operational fees, as compared to existing methods such as satellite communications technology.

“With a large number of offshore oil and gas sites around the world, the opportunity for Mobilicom is outstanding,” said Mobilicom Managing Director Oren Elkayam.

“Typical installation on a new site is expected to generate A$300,000-$500,000 in revenue for Mobilicom, which is made even more attractive when factoring in the excellent margins we achieve on our hardware.”

“Cyber-attacks and hacking threats are rising exponentially, and companies who are susceptible to such risks are held responsible for any consequences. This makes security a critical issue for both governments and enterprises.”