Mobilicom partners with NextVision for high-end camera & communication drone solution

Important milestone in Mobilicom’s pursuit of multibillion dollar commercial drone market

30 May 2017 – Mobilicom Limited, developer of 4G Mobile MESH private networking technology, has partnered with leading micro-stabilised camera provider NextVision to demonstrate the interoperability of its cameras with the SkyHopper PRO UAV data link, a key step in the pursuit of the burgeoning commercial drone market.

The partnership enables the companies to offer commercial drone manufacturers a field-proven, integrated solution of secure bi-directional communication with a dual-channel stabilised camera. This therefore expands Mobilicom’s ecosystem within the commercial drone market to best cater to the specific needs of manufacturers and end users. It is expected the solution will see demand from customers seeking high quality communication technology for small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for security, surveillance, infrastructure inspection and public safety applications.

The solution will provide the user with HD day and night video communication, alongside camera turret control and feedback over a highly secure IP connection.

With the commercial drone market expected to quickly accelerate into a US$5 billion per year industry, and 20% of spend in the sector expected to focus on the communication system, this partnership positions Mobilicom well to quickly capture market share.

“The availability of our solution with NextVision closes the development gap for new entrants to the commercial drone sector,” said Oren Elkayam, Mobilicom Managing Director.

“This will enable manufacturers to get to market quicker and with a higher quality solution.”

“This field-proven solution addresses the immediate needs of both veteran and new market players,” commented Michael Grosman, CEO of NextVision Stabilized Systems.

“The combination of NextVision’s extremely light weight dual-channel EO/IR stabilized camera turrets with the SkyHopper PRO assures long endurance and exceptional performance usually available on much heavier systems.”

Mobilicom’s SkyHopper PRO data-link caters specifically to the commercial and industrial drone and robotics market. In leveraging proven technological capabilities and expertise, SkyHopper PRO enables real-time Full HD video, long-range LOS, superior N-LOS, urban and relay operation, broadcasting and multicasting, to unlimited viewers and control by multiple controllers.