Mobilicom launches business strategy focused on drones & robotics platform manufacturers

15 March 2021 – Mobilicom Limited is pleased to deliver its business strategy and investor presentation, focusing primarily on delivery of its smart solutions to global drone, robotics and autonomous system manufacturers.
Mobilicom has grown a global customer base with sales to high profile customers including corporates, governments and military departments, by establishing its own patented technology. Mobilicom uses mobile mesh networking, and has commercialised a range of solutions that have competitive advantages including outstanding security capabilities and performance in harsh environmental conditions.
Given the large and rapidly growing global market expected to develop in the coming years, Mobilicom has chosen to focus its attention on the global drones, robotics and autonomous platforms sector.
The revenue model will see Mobilicom generate sales from:

  • hardware, with high gross margins across its mesh networking, datalink, video hardware and mobile control terminals;
  •  software sales including recurring license fees from its cybersecurity suite, cloud server and other software tools; and
  • professional support services.
    Mobilicom’s CEO Oren Elkayam commented “the management team has invested significant time in assessing the company’s performance and has resolved to drive a more focused strategy that is designed to deliver improved shareholder value. Our go to market strategy will see Mobilicom target existing and new customers selling drone/robotics platforms into market segments and verticals including mining, security and surveillance, infrastructure inspection, delivery, defense and first responders.” Mobilicom
    aims to:
     Integrate its smart components into a customer’s platform
     Receive significant sales & licensing revenue as customers achieve large deployment / orders for the platform
     Increase revenue by upselling additional components and/or expand into other platforms
     Ensure strong market position and barrier to entry for competition by providing high performance and security to customers