Mobilicom establishes compatibility with drone ecosystem companies

Mobilicom Ltd, developer of 4G Mobile MESH private networking technology, has verified the compatibility of its SkyHopper line of products with several key drone components within the commercial drone ecosystem.

This initiative provides a more complete solution and accelerated integration processes for SkyHopper customers, and thereby aims to increase market share and drive higher revenues for Mobilicom.

The ecosystem consists of the most essential components to include in the development of a drone such as flight controllers, payloads including cameras and sensors, video processing and analytics, and software for services such as fleet-management and mission planners.

Mobilicom has now established compatibility with five key companies within the commercial drone market. All are best-of-breed in their field and can serve several commercial drone applications. These companies are:

  • Pixhawk – High-end open source flight controller hardware that is one of the most in- demand in the market
  • Micropilot – UAV flight controller that serves hundreds of UAV manufacturers, research enterprises and large organisations such as NASA and Northrup Grumman
  • UAV Navigation – Spanish UAV flight controller manufacturer
  • NextVision – Leader in micro-stabilised gimballed cameras for industrial, commercial and security operations
  • Maris – High-end video processing software solutions for the professional as well as IoT (Internet of Things) markets

“Being a part of this ecosystem, and compatibility with the elements within it, are important factors in becoming a major player in the commercial drone environment, and in turn, penetrating a larger piece of the market,” Oren Elkayam, Mobilicom CEO stated.

“The compatibilities we have validated to date in 2017 put us ahead of our stated schedule in validating SkyHopper with key ecosystem components. By establishing compatibility with these ecosystem companies Mobilicom is able to execute its strategy and provide SkyHopper customers with peace of mind during the drone development process. This strategy consists of broadening the SkyHopper product portfolio as well as offering a holistic solution that includes hardware, software, support and integration services.”