Mobilicom doubles its market potential with release of SkyHopper PRO V

  • Expands capabilities into video processing & analytics
  • Dramatically increases revenue potential by addressing twice the share of the drone’s value
  • Faster market penetration and increased market share – offering a premium dual solution within one product at a highly competitive price point
  • Higher customer retention by supplying two essential drone elements instead of one

Mobilicom Limited has released its third product from the SkyHopper entity, the SkyHopper PRO V, an enhanced offering that provides video processing and analytics capabilities in addition to a communication solution. The SkyHopper PRO V is targeted at professional drones within security, mining and infrastructure inspection applications.

By offering video processing and analytics capabilities, SkyHopper PRO V addresses a larger total available market by offering not one, but two essential elements of the make-up of a drone. With this, SkyHopper by Mobilicom expects to increase its share up to 25-35% of the drone’s overall value (up to 10-15% video processing and analytics & up to 15-20% communication component), thereby driving higher revenues with a single purchase.

In preparation for the SkyHopper PRO V release this week, the SkyHopper by Mobilicom team has already validated the product with select customers, establishing a high market traction for the solution.

SkyHopper PRO V provides a more attractive offering to the market by selling more at once to the same customer, while also offering twice the performance as the industry standard. Current drone data link solutions available in the industry offer either one encoder or one decoder per unit, and in many cases, none at all, requiring the customer to invest in external encoder/decoders. SkyHopper PRO V offers two encoders and two decoders built-in to each unit, as well as three parallel data connections, so customers get more value for money over other solutions. SkyHopper PRO V’s bundled single-box solution of both video and communication components places SkyHopper by Mobilicom in an advantageous market position to capture market share in the video processing & analytics segment it has entered.

In selling a single-box bundled solution SkyHopper by Mobilicom also expects to increase customer retention. By servicing two essential areas of the drone, the customer will benefit in time, money and effort by going to a single supplier as opposed to multiple suppliers.

“Providing a broader offering in a single solution increases our market potential, giving us a bigger piece of the pie with this audience,” stated Oren Elkayam, Mobilicom CEO.

“We are excited to extend our capabilities with SkyHopper beyond being solely communication based, providing our customers across drones and robotics with a more holistic product offering. The launch of SkyHopper PRO V is the first step in implementing that strategy.”