Mobilicom AI 5G Program funding increased to $845,000

Mobilicom wins an additional $345,000 funding as part of a consortium to develop wireless
artificial intelligence for 5G networks announced last year

  • WIN Consortium Project timeframe extended by 18 months and total program expenditure budget expanded from $4M to $6.3M
  • Mobilicom is focusing on MESH networks and unmanned platforms and will complete its research & development in CY2021
  • Mobilicom will use research to advance its technology on autonomous systems
  • AI 5G consortium includes Ceva Inc., Ceragon Networks and high-profile academic institutions.
    2nd March 2021 – Mobilicom Limited is pleased to announce it has been granted a further $345,000 for research & development as part of the WIN (wireless intelligent
    networks) consortium announced in June 2020 (see ASX release dated 5 June 2020).
    Israel Innovation Authority selected Mobilicom to be part of the consortium, which also includes industry leaders Ceva Inc., Ceragon Networks and several high-profile academic institutions, to execute a $4 million project during CY2020. The consortium aims to develop wireless artificial intelligence (AI) for 5G networks.
    Mobilicom has confirmed the project has been extended by 18 months and the total program budget increased to a total of $6.3 million. Mobilicom will receive an additional $345,000 budget (with net grant exceeding $200,000), taking its total budget to $845,000. Its research and development component will be complete in CY2021.
    Mobilicom’s CEO Oren Elkayam commented: “This project focusses on the development of wireless AI to enable the improvement and optimization of 5G cellular technology and we are pleased for the opportunity to work with some of the leaders in this industry, including Ceva Inc and Ceragon Networks.
    “Mobilicom’s key responsibilities will focus on its expertise with MESH networks and unmanned platforms. Once development is complete, Mobilicom will be able to use this technology on its own nextgeneration autonomous systems.
    “Mobilicom’s appointment to the consortium last year reinforced its position as a holistic provider of solutions for autonomous systems, while also strengthening the Company’s long-term financial position and cash-flow performance, and we are pleased to have received additional funding as part of the project.”