Taking stock of Israeli ingenuity

AUSTRALIA is increasingly playing its part in Israel’s booming technological revolution, with the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) securing its 18th Israeli company listing in June, and continuing efforts to finalise a dual-listing arrangement with the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

ASX-listed Israeli drone sector players Mobilicom and ParaZero, and Israeli wireless baby heart and movement monitoring firm HeraMED – which recently filed a $6 million prospectus on the ASX – generated plenty of interest when presenting at the Techknow Investment Roadshow in Sydney and Melbourne earlier this month.

Mobilicom is already a key supplier to government and industry of high-tech mobile network solutions that don’t require any physical infrastructure, but in the space of just 18 months it developed a Skyhopper division that’s supplying 25 per cent of the world’s commercial drone manufacturing companies with essential hardware and software.

Its CEO Oren Elkayam told The AJN at Techknow Sydney the commercial and consumer drone sectors are on track to become a $100 billion market within a decade.

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Photo Credit: The Australian Jewish News