Israel Navy places purchase order of more than $280,000 for Mobilicom’s Commercial Drone Upgrade Solution

  • New win of a strong reference customer
  • 2019 revenue from the Israel Ministry of Defense (MOD) for the Commercial Drone Upgrade Solution has now exceeded $850,000

Mobilicom Limited (Mobilicom) is pleased to announce that its breakthrough Commercial Drone Upgrade Solution has achieved a new win with a leading reference customer, the Israel Navy, after receiving an order for more than $280,000.

Mobilicom’s sales of this solution to-date have been to the Israel Army and this new purchase order shows the increased interest for the solution across several MOD units and applications.

The Commercial Drone Upgrade Solution is an after-market add on for drone units already sold within the market. It was developed as a result of the US ban on the use of certain types of drones in security operations as a result of backdoor cyber risks.

This system of Mobilicom’s has now generated more than $850,000 in revenue from the MOD in 2019 alone, with several repeat sales, putting it well on track to achieve its target of $1 million from the MOD by the end of calendar 2019.

Mobilicom’s CEO Oren Elkayam commented: “Providing the Commercial Drone Upgrade Solution to a new customer and application is a testament to its offering of a solution in high demand by the market it serves. The Israel Navy is an excellent reference that will support the continued expansion of the solution within the MOD and worldwide. Mobilicom has already been made the sole provider for this solution to the MOD, and therefore the revenue potential is significant.”