COMBO solution enters beta site installations with four international customers

  • Mobilicoms’s COMBO solution device is a unique, small, lightweight & highly secured 3-in-1 solution, providing a broadband wireless datalink that can operate with or without network infrastructure insuring always & anywhere connected.
  • Four international customers including Airbus in Europe, Israel Aerospace Industries, and other partners in France and Australia have conducted beta site installations of the solution.
  • Demand to beta test this solution demonstrates COMBO’s appeal as a first-of-its-kind solution for autonomous platforms and drones.

8 December 2020 – Mobilicom Limited (Mobilicom or the Company, ASX: MOB) is pleased to announce it has launched beta site installations with four international customers/partners for its newly released, first-of-its-kind COMBO solution for autonomous platforms and drones.
Beta site installations are being conducted with Airbus in Europe and Israel Aerospace Industries subsidiary in Israel, as well as with partners in France and Australia.
The partners will use the product in their facilities, integrating COMBO into aerial platforms and operating it during flights and missions in private and public network environments.
Mobilicom expects sales of the COMBO Solution following completion of the beta sites.
“This demonstrates the appeal of the COMBO solution for use with autonomous platforms and drones, in particular its capability to operate with and without network infrastructure, ensuring mission continuity anytime anywhere,” said Mobilicom CEO Oren Elkayam.
“The beta site installations are taking place with existing Mobilicom customers who looked for such an innovative solution but couldn’t find a similar offering.”
The SkyHopper COMBO device, launched by Mobilicom in October, is a highly secured solution that works in tandem with Mobilicom’s secure cloud-based ControliT software. The combined offering consolidates all relevant data which enables device configuration, network management, fleet management, tracking, operation logs and statistics for operators.
Conventional solutions typically provide an independent direct datalink that has limited operational distance or a connection and is dependent on the availability of a cellular network. The SkyHopperCOMBO is unique in its ability to combine both solutions, embedded together to enable connectivity anywhere and at any time.