COMBO solution enters beta site installations with four international customers

  • Mobilicoms’s COMBO solution device is a unique, small, lightweight & highly secured 3-in-1 solution, providing a broadband wireless datalink that can operate with or without network infrastructure insuring always & anywhere connected.
  • Four international customers including Airbus in Europe, Israel Aerospace Industries, and other partners in France and Australia have conducted beta site installations of the solution.
  • Demand to beta test this solution demonstrates COMBO’s appeal as a first-of-its-kind solution for autonomous platforms and drones.

8 December 2020 – Mobilicom Limited (Mobilicom or the Company, ASX: MOB) is pleased to announce it has launched beta site installations with four international customers/partners for its newly released, first-of-its-kind COMBO solution for autonomous platforms and drones.
Beta site installations are being conducted with Airbus in Europe and Israel Aerospace Industries subsidiary in Israel, as well as with partners in France and Australia.
The partners will use the product in their facilities, integrating COMBO into aerial platforms and operating it during flights and missions in private and public network environments.
Mobilicom expects sales of the COMBO Solution following completion of the beta sites.
“This demonstrates the appeal of the COMBO solution for use with autonomous platforms and drones, in particular its capability to operate with and without network infrastructure, ensuring mission continuity anytime anywhere,” said Mobilicom CEO Oren Elkayam.
“The beta site installations are taking place with existing Mobilicom customers who looked for such an innovative solution but couldn’t find a similar offering.”
The SkyHopper COMBO device, launched by Mobilicom in October, is a highly secured solution that works in tandem with Mobilicom’s secure cloud-based ControliT software. The combined offering consolidates all relevant data which enables device configuration, network management, fleet management, tracking, operation logs and statistics for operators.
Conventional solutions typically provide an independent direct datalink that has limited operational distance or a connection and is dependent on the availability of a cellular network. The SkyHopperCOMBO is unique in its ability to combine both solutions, embedded together to enable connectivity anywhere and at any time.

Mobilicom receives repeat order from US ground robotics company

  • Mobilicom has received a ~$250,000 repeat purchase order from a US ground robotics company following a previous order of more than $200,000 of Mobilicom’s products
  • Order demonstrates Mobilicom’s capabilities as a holistic end-to-end smart solutions provider for drones and robotics
  • Order follows recent orders from Swift Engineering, Censys Technologies and FLIR Systems, growing Mobilicom’s penetration of the US market
    19 November 2020 – Mobilicom Limited (Mobilicom or the Company, ASX: MOB) is pleased to announce it has received a repeat order valued at approximately $250,000 from a US ground robotics company, adding to its recent sales momentum in the US market with additional orders expected next year.
    As part of the order Mobilicom will deliver its MCU-30 Lite products and Mini Controller PRO, a robust Tactical Mobile Controller and ground control station.
    The customer is a unique designer within the robotics industry, with its solutions designed for a variety of industries including homeland security, mining, oil and gas, aerospace, maritime, petrochemical, public safety and construction. The order demonstrates the Mobilicom technology is at the forefront and meets the demands of high-level industry players.
    The robotics market is growing in. magnitude and manufacturing volumes are being scaled up.
    This US order follows Mobilicom’s recent repeat order from Swift Engineering, which is integrating Mobilicom’s SkyHopper ProV datalink and video solution into unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), a repeat order from Censys Technologies, and an initial order from FLIR Systems for Mobilicom’s SkyHopper PRO.

Mobilicom’s SkyHopper Pro solution chosen by FLIR Systems (S&P 500 company) for integration into unmanned vehicles

Key points

  • FLIR Systems places initial order for Mobilicom’s SkyHopper PRO
  • FLIR, a US-based company specialising in thermal imaging, is building a strategic position in
    the UAV market with unmanned air and ground vehicle offerings
  •  FLIR is integrating Mobilicom’s data link solution into its new drones after extensive testing
  • Mobilicom has delivered the initial order and expects repeat orders in due course
    17 November 2020 – Mobilicom Limited (Mobilicom or the Company, ASX: MOB) is pleased to announce it has delivered its first order to US company FLIR Systems, a world leader in thermal imaging infrared cameras.
    NASDAQ-listed FLIR is the global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of thermal imaging infrared cameras. Based in United States and founded in 1978, the company makes thermal cameras and components for a wide variety of commercial and government applications.
    FLIR is moving into the unmanned vehicles market through its acquisition of Endeavor Robotics, a leading manufacturer in unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) for the global military, public safety and critical infrastructure markets and combat-proven robots. This is in addition to its acquisition of Aeryon Labs, a leading developer of high-performance unmanned aerial systems for global military, public safety and critical infrastructure. FLIR’s solutions position it as a top tier provider for robotics and drones in all markets.
    FLIR has placed an initial order with Mobilicom for its SkyHopper PRO devices, after completing extensive tests of its data link solution over several months. The volume of the order is not material at this stage, though Mobilicom expects additional purchase orders as FLIR secures market share.
    Mobilicom CEO Oren Elkayam said FLIR’s testing had put the SkyHopper PRO up against competitors to
    compare performance.
    “We are excited that our solution has been chosen by this top tier US company operating in large defense and commercial markets. The FLIR team was very satisfied with the results of testing, leading to the initial order which we have delivered,” he said.
    “This will enable FLIR to build its first systems integrating our solution.”

Mobilicom wins repeat order from Swift Engineering

Key points:

  • US-based UAV manufacturer Swift Engineering is integrating Mobilicom’s SkyHopper ProV
    datalink and video solution into UAVs developed by subsidiary Swift Tactical Solutions
  •  It is the third Mobilicom product Swift has ordered and integrated into its products following
    similar deals for MCU30 and SkyHopper PRO
  • Mobilicom’s technology being deployed part of Swift’s strategic project

11 November 2020 – Mobilicom Limited is pleased to announce it has fulfilled new orders from repeat customer Swift Engineering Inc, a US-based UAV manufacturer, with its technology set to be deployed as part of UAV law enforcement project.
In the latest order, Mobilicom has delivered the SkyHopper ProV datalink and video solution for integration by Swift subsidiary, Swift Tactical Systems, into its UAV. It is the third Mobilicom solution Swift has purchased for integration, having previously bought and integrated Mobilicom’s MCU30 and SkyHopper Pro devices into its drones for testing, demonstrations and
initial deliveries in the US and Japan.
The Swift VTOL is unique solution that has the ability to take off and land anywhere, like other quad-rotor devices, while being able to transition to efficient fixed-wing forward flight without additional launch and recovery equipment. It is intended for long-range operation services.
Earlier this year, Swift Tactical Systems won a multi-agency unmanned aircraft systems contract with a strategic customer for use of drones to fight crime. Swift’s latest order from Mobilicom is part of initiating of the project, with Mobilicom expecting additional orders from Swift to follow.
Mobilicom CEO Oren Eklayam said the repeat order from Swift demonstrated Mobilicom’s technology was meeting the needs of the growing market for commercial and industrial drones and robotics. “This is the third time we have supplied Swift with our products which highlights the capabilities and
quality of our technology,” he said. “Swift is utilising our portfolio to meet the needs of different projects. This is a testament to our strategy to target and partner with key manufacturers of drones and robotics platforms, and enjoy the benefits as the market and commercialization scales up.”
Swift Engineering is an innovative company with a 35-year history of design, engineering and build heritage in intelligent systems and advanced vehicles; including autonomous systems, helicopters, submarines, spacecraft, ground vehicles, robotics, and advanced composites. Its subsidiary Swift Tactical Systems provides unmatched capabilities utilizing disruptive unmanned systems technologies and operational expertise for military and government applications.

Mobilicom launches first-of-its-kind communication solution for autonomous platforms & drones, significantly expanding addressable market opportunity

Key points:

  •  Mobilicom has launched the new offering to commercial and industrial customers/partners
  • The SkyHopper Combo device is a unique, small, lightweight & highly secured 3-in-1 solution, providing a broadband wireless datalink that can operate with or without network infrastructure
  •  This Combo device is coupled with Mobilicom’s ControliT secured cloud server, enabling configuration, network management, fleet management and tracking
  •  ControliT positions Mobilicom as a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) provider
  • The offering has undergone successful field-testing and demonstrations on board drones, robotics and vehicular platforms
  • Mobilicom expects sales of the new SkyHopper Combo offering in the short term

27 October 2020 – Mobilicom Limited (Mobilicom or the Company, ASX: MOB) is pleased to announce it has released the SkyHopper Combo device and ControliT secured server solution following successful initial testing and demonstration phases underway.
SkyHopper Combo is a broadband communication datalink device that provides connectivity and operation of drones, robotics and other autonomous platforms. This enables operation of these platforms in any environment with or without network infrastructure.
The SkyHopper Combo device is highly secured solution that works in tandem with Mobilicom’s secure cloud-based ControliT software, which enables device configuration, network management, fleet management, tracking, operation logs and statistics for operators.
Conventional solutions typically provide an independent direct datalink that has limited operational distance or a connection that is dependent on the availability of a cellular network. The SkyHopper Combo is unique in its ability to combine both solutions, embedded together to enable connectivity anywhere
and at any time.

Mobilicom expects the solution to have significant appeal with drone and robotics manufacturers, industrial system integrators, autonomous platform manufacturers and cellular service providers. The technology could be applied in numerous situations and settings including the mining, oil and gas, agriculture and public safety industries.
The Company expects to commence sales of SkyHopper Combo in the short term, with significant interest from potential customers after successful field-testing on board drone and robotics platforms.
Mobilicom CEO Oren Elkayam said SkyHopper Combo allows Mobilicom to expand its total addressable market to private and public infrastructure-based solutions, such as the industrial internet-of-things (IoT) communication market.
“The Combo device enables communication with other devices directly using ad-hoc wireless technology without infrastructure, but there is also the option to use cellular infrastructure when it exists, for beyond line of sight, long range, urban, and other operation modes,” he said.
“The cloud solution will continue to evolve with additions of services beyond communication in the future, as well as expand our offering to infrastructure communication. It is also a significant step for Mobilicom to establish itself as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider with recurring revenues and high gross margins.”

Mobilicom appoints Ofer Laufer as Chief Operations officer to drive business development

Key points:

  • Ofer Laufer is a results orientated, driven executive with 25 years experience in rapidly growing enterprises with proven ability to transfer products from development to mas production and sales
  • Appointment enhances Mobilicom’s management team
  • Mr Laufer spent more than 10 years at Friendly Robotics, which was acquired by US company MTD in 2017 and continued to work there until the beginning of this year

21 October 2020 – mobilicom Limited (Mobilicom or the Company, ASX: MOB) is pleased to announce it has appointed Ofer Laufer as its Chief operations Officer (COO) as it prepares to further enhance its penetration in the drone and robotics market.

At Friendly Robotics, as COO and OEM Manager, Mr Laufer scaled up the company’s production of its Robomow robotic lawn mowers and grew production and sales by 40% over a 16-month period.

Most recently, Mr Laufer was CEO of Blue I Water Technologies, a provider of controllers and analyzers for the water treatment market. He previously held senior roles with NASDAQ-listed Alvarion, a leading provider of innovative WiMAX and wireless broadband network solutions; and cosmetic and pharmaceutical platform Powerpaper.

Mobilicom CEO Oren Elkayam said Mr Laufer’s appointment would help drive the Company’s sales across a number of product lines and markets.

”Ofer will provide Mobilicom with important experience and knowledge as we continue to grow our customer base in the drone and robotic markets around the world, ” he said.

”Ofer also has significant experience in research and development, helping companies grow international manufacturing capabilities and his experience will be invaluable to Mobilicom.”



Mobilicom signs sales and cooperation agreement with Cristal Video Wireless – a leading provider of wireless video transmission solutions in China

Key points:

  • The agreement with Cristal Video Wireless provides Mobilicom with significant sales reach in China and R&D co-operation to deliver innovative new products for mobile mission critical communications & unmanned platforms with short time to market
  • First purchase order & delivery of Mobilicom products completed
  • With China the first economy appearing to recover from COVID-19, Mobilicom has acted quickly to take advantage of this key market.

12 October 2020 – Mobilicom Limited (Mobilicom or the Company, ASX: MOB) is pleased to announce it has signed a sales and cooperation agreement with Shenzhen-based Cristal Video Wireless (CVW) as the Company targets expansion into China.

CVW is a leading global provider of wireless video transmission and products, committed to bringing leading-edge, reliable wireless video transmission solutions to a variety of industries.

Under the agreement Mobilicom and CVW will cooperate to drive sales of Mobilicom’s suite of products and solutions in the Chinese market. The two companies will also integrate its complementary technology solutions to address market and customer needs.

The first shipment of Mobilicom products, flagged for customer trials, has been completed. Whilst the revenue associated is not material at this stage, Mobilicom will significantly grow its activity with CVW from this initial order.

Future research and development initiatives will focus on the ability to deliver innovative new products for the mobile communications market, spanning mission critical networks and unmanned platforms including air, ground and sea solutions, and achieving a short time to the market for such innovations.

Mobilicom and CVW will also work towards the optimization of the production process to ensure high performance and cost-effectiveness of the products.

Mobilicom CEO Oren Elkayam said the Company had identified China as a key target market as one of the first economies to reopen following COVID-19.

”With China having addressed COVID-19 earlier compared to other geographies, it created an opportunity for Mobilicom to expand its business operations in the region. CVW has excellent history and experience in the local market and technology complementary to Mobilicom and can help position Mobilicom to penetrate this region.”

Mobilicom scales up for major project and shifts to volume manufacturing

Key points:

  • Existing $2m contract with leading drone supplier increased by $240.000 – Mobilicom expects additional orders in due course
  • Prototypes have passed customer review, volume manufacturing commencing
  • First commercial batch on track for delivery in Q3 CY2020 and expected to continue into CY2021

3 July 2020 – Mobilicom Limited (Mobilicom, ASX: MOB) is pleased to announce it has completed the development stage of the new Ground Controller Station (GCS) solution for the leading drone supplier announced to the ASX on 18 december 2019, with the project now scaled up from its original scope.

Mobilicom delivered two series of prototype units for customer inspection/review, and completed integration with the customer’s drones and fixed wing UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) systems, and passed the necessary reviews. Commercial manufacturing of the solution is now commencing and Mobilicom expects to make its first commercial batch delivery in Q3 CY2020.

The customer selected Mobilicom as its vendor of choice for tactical drones and small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (sUAV), with Mobilicom supplying commercial Ground Control Stations under the contract, The customer intends to offer Mobilicom’s nes GCS solution with all of its drones and sUAV platforms projects worldwide. Mobilicom expects additional orders in due course.

The customer has revenues of more than $3.6bn and is an international high technology companyengaged in a wide range of defence, homeland security and commercial programs throughout the world. It is one of the largest suppliers of drones, sUAV and robotics outside the US.

Mobilicom CEO Oren Elkayam said Mobilicom was now preparing for high volume production of its Ground Controller Station solution.

“We are pleased this highly regarded company in the drone and unmanned systems sector has defined our solution as its building block for all future small UAV and drone projects, and demonstrates our capacity to meet the high specification needs of our clients.” he said.


Mobilicom wins Space Florida drone research project in USA

  • Mobilicom & US drone company Censys Technologies have partnered on research to improve beyond line-of-sight drone operations and drone safety 
  • This two-year project is being funded by Space Florida and the Israel Innovation Authority 
  • Mobilicom’s first year budget is A$770,000 
  • The proposed solution is to target civilian drone and UAS operations in three areas, delivery, inspection security and law enforcement 

22 June 2020 – Mobilicom Limited (Mobilicom, ASX: MOB) is pleased to announce it will partner with US drone company Censys Technologies (“Censys”) in a research project for Space Florida USA, that will see it develop a solution for the key need of drone safety.

The joint Mobilicom and Censys project was one of four winners (from 15 proposals) for Space Florida’s 2020 innovative research and development programs. Mobilicom will spend two years working on the project, with a budget of A$770,000 for the first year (2020-21). Additional funds are expected in the second year.

This project is to develop a communications system for autonomous drone and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) that aims to address the challenges aviation authorities expect for safe drone and UAV operation in civilian airspace. It will target activities such as drone delivery services, infrastructure inspection, security and law enforcement.

Mobilicom CEO Oren Elkayam said: “The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the need for fast delivery, without human involvement in the delivery. This has led to accelerated testing and deployment programs for the use of drones in several fields.

“The solution being developed with Censys is solving a major reliability aspect, which is a focus of the US Federal Aviation Authority. It will enable the drone and UAS market to continue to grow by addressing the key needs and trends of autonomous beyond line-of-sight operation.”

Mr Elkayam said the solution would be embedded in Censys drones and perform flight tests in the USA. It aims to improve the safety of beyond visual line of sight, or BVLoS operations.

“The biggest hurdle for mass drone deployment in civil applications remains regulatory requirements imposed by aviation authorities and this solution is another step to solving these issues,” he said.

Mobilicom expects the development of this solution will see Censys, purchase the technology for use within its civil drone operations. There is further potential for uptake by other drone operators and manufacturers.

Censys is a beyond line-of-sight drone company based in Daytona Beach, Florida, which has operational expertise in long range and high endurance aircraft systems with advanced payloads and capabilities, and provides knowledge and resources in system integration and real-world testing.

Mobilicom and Censys have previously worked together to integrate Mobilicom’s equipment into Censys drones as a communications cornerstone to ‘make impossible critical communications possible’.

About the solution Autonomous Platforms Dual Datalink (APDL) communication system is developing a dual-redundant communications system for Autonomous Drone & Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The solution is proposing a two concurrent wideband transmitting transceivers, with auto redundancy capability and on
ASX Announcement

going data-reception analysis for selecting the best momentary communication link. It is a novel construction of advanced technologies that will enable a highly integrated dual-redundant simultaneous communications system to provide increased reliability and quality of service for command and control systems, telemetry, and situational awareness.

About Space Florida Space Florida was created to strengthen Florida’s position as the global leader in aerospace research, it is committed to attracting and expanding the next generation of space industry businesses. Space Florida has a highly trained workforce, proven infrastructure and unparalleled record of achievement.

About Censys Censys Technologies Corporation design, develop and manufacture a wide range of drones and autonomous UAS vehicles. Censys develops remote sensing solutions for UAS service providers and government organizations. Censys solutions propels industrial drone users by minimizing overhead & operation headaches with industry-leading, long-range drones. As experts in this field, Censys support its customers obtaining the necessary waivers of drone operation from USA Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).

Mobilicom selected to join AI 5G consortium

  • Mobilicom selected to join Israel Innovation Authority funded consortium for the development of wireless artificial intelligence (AI) for 5G networks 
  • Consortium includes industry leaders Ceva Inc., Ceragon Networks and high-profile academic institutions

5 June 2020 – Mobilicom Limited (ASX:MOB, Mobilicom) is pleased to announce that it has been selected to join the WIN (Wireless Intelligent Networks) Consortium to execute a project during calendar year 2020 valued at more that $4 million. The WIN Consortium is funded by the Israel Innovation Authority and is expected to be extended through 2021 and beyond.

Mobilicom’s share in the project is valued at $500,000 for 2020, with a similar budget expected to be provided for 2021. Mobilicom’s appointment to the consortium reinforces its position as a holistic provider of solutions for autonomous systems while also strengthening the Company’s long-term financial position and cash-flow performance.

This project focuses on the development of wireless AI to enable the improvement and optimization of 5G cellular technology. Mobilicom’s key responsibilities will focus on its expertise with MESH networks and unmanned platforms. Once development is complete, Mobilicom will be able to use this technology on its own next-generation autonomous systems,

This consortium places Mobilicom at the center of 5G AI innovation and will partner the company with leaders in this including Ceva Inc., Ceragon Networks and Elbit Systems. Mobilicom’s involvement in this consortium will also help to drive the scalability of its own autonomous platforms and the widespread use of 5G networks in unmanned platforms.

Mobilicom’s CEO Oren Elkayam commented: ”We are honored to have been chosen to join the WIN Consortium and partner with these innovative organizations, the outcome of which will directly impact the autonomous and unmanned systems for which we provide market leading solutions”.