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Mobilicom delivers on $280,000 contract with leading unmanned system provider

Mobilicom delivers MCU200 Mobile Mesh networking units to global robotics, drones and unmanned platforms provider Elbit Systems Elbit will integrate Mobilicom’s technology in its unmanned surface vehicle (USV) Elbit is one of the largest international suppliers in its field, with yearly revenues of more than US$6 billion One of several contracts Mobilicom has in place […]

Mobilicom completes third delivery for existing $2.3M contract

Mobilicom’s Ground Controller Systems (GCS) are being integrated into a leading drone supplier engaged in defense, homeland security and commercial activities. This recent delivery of over 200 units, $470,000, has been delivered making a total of $1.8m of products delivered to this customer. This delivery further cements Mobilicom’s ability to scale its production and confirms […]

Mobilicom secures new business wins with top drones & robotics players

Design win & maiden purchase order with major Asia-Pacific conglomerate ST Engineering Datalink and controller solutions chosen by renowned worldwide “vehicle systems business” Plasan Initial purchase order from Rafael, a top tier defense, HLS & unmanned platforms business Mobilicom will enjoy sales growth when these top players will commercialise their solutions globally These important business […]

One of Israel’s largest investment houses takes strategic stake in Mobilicom

Psagot – one of Israel’s largest international investment houses, managing over 180Bn ILS (A$70 Bn), has signed an agreement to invest approximately A$3.65m in Mobilicom, with another strategic entity investing approximately A$190,000 The total raised is A$3.84m – comprising 64m shares at $0.06 per share and a further 64m options, exercisable within 2 years at […]

Mobilicom receives $3.65m investment from Israel’s largest institutional investor; shares see a slight rise

Shares in tech stock Mobilicom (ASX:MOB) rose as much as 20 per cent this morning after Israeli investment fund Psagot chipped in over $3.6 million. Psagot is Israel’s largest pension fund manager, controlling NIS180 billion ($70 billion) of assets. It has agreed to invest $3.65 million in Mobilicom consisting of 64 million shares at 6 cents each and another […]

Mobilicom launches business strategy focused on drones & robotics platform manufacturers

15 March 2021 – Mobilicom Limited is pleased to deliver its business strategy and investor presentation, focusing primarily on delivery of its smart solutions to global drone, robotics and autonomous system manufacturers. Mobilicom has grown a global customer base with sales to high profile customers including corporates, governments and military departments, by establishing its own […]

Israeli Ministry of Defense & Israel Innovation Authority grant additional funding of Mobilicom’s cybersecurity program

Mobilicom’s $1.8 million cybersecurity program for drones and robotics platforms receives an additional $320,000 for the next stage of development Program is funded by Israel Ministry of Defense and Israel Innovation Authority and was first announced by Mobilicom in 2019 Mobilicom’s cybersecurity platform will enable the building of a recurring software licence business model Mobilicom […]

Mobilicom AI 5G Program funding increased to $845,000

Mobilicom wins an additional $345,000 funding as part of a consortium to develop wireless artificial intelligence for 5G networks announced last year WIN Consortium Project timeframe extended by 18 months and total program expenditure budget expanded from $4M to $6.3M Mobilicom is focusing on MESH networks and unmanned platforms and will complete its research & […]